Billy Corgan Shares His Concerns About Creating Another All-Women Wresting Event

Billy Corgan’s 2021 NWA EmPowerrr was highly appreciated since it brought many talented female wrestlers into the spotlight. In a previous statement, Corgan drew negative reactions by announcing there wouldn’t be another all-women’s event this year. Recently, the musician spoke to Ten Count to reveal why he was concerned about a second EmPowerrr event.

“I’m really intrigued by the interest in EmPowerrr,” said Billy Corgan, revealing he actually intends to do it again. “We continue to want to do it and have discussions with other companies about working together to create a fresh EmPowerrr event. The last time I talked about it, I created some headlines because people took umbrage with the fact- In fact, I had Maria Kanellis, I’ve known Maria for many years, and I love Maria, but even Maria called me out saying something about ‘we have women.’”

Corgan then continued, revealing what concerns him, “Every company has the right to decide its level of standards. When you create a world-class event like EmPowerrr, a world-class event, you set a very high standard of what you should expect. Of course, there are plenty of great professional women’s wrestlers worldwide. Can they wrestle the NWA style? Can they carry a three-hour pay-per-view? Can they move forward with the case of women’s wrestling, not just in wrestling but in terms of international media? These are my concerns.”

The singer said that he is still willing to do the event after finding professional woman wrestlers, “Everybody has their own version of it. That’s my version of it, and that’s why I’m still on that. Until we can provide a world-class event with some of the best professional wrestlers in the world, in this case, females on the card, we won’t do it.”

The musician then argued that there are those who bash him for discrimination, although the event is there to support women. He said, “All this weird howling that goes on about it is very strange to me because you’re taking a positive and making a negative out of a positive; that’s weird to me.”

He continued to reveal his reasons for not organizing the event, “By the way, we put EmPowerrr as the first night of a two-night pay-per-view on an anniversary show; it drew, and people cared. What if it didn’t, and people didn’t care, and it did horrible numbers? What if the matches were bad?”

Billy added, “You create a high watermark, do something beautiful, make a big statement, and somehow it turns into a weird negative where I’m running from it. I’m not running from anything. I’m talking about my reasons for why we haven’t done it yet. I continue to explore those opportunities. That’s it. It’s not more complicated than that.”

It turns out that Billy Corgan is actually willing to work on the second EmPowerrr. However, as it’s now a world-class event with higher standards, he finds it challenging to find professional women wrestlers capable of meeting the requirements. So, Corgan argues it’s not about discrimination or sexism; it’s about trying to come up with a beautiful, professional, and outstanding event.