Iggy Pop Recalls Being Credited For Billie Eilish And Lil Nas X’s Success

For some rock artists, being a part of the mainstream music market has been challenging due to the controversial reputation of rock music. Iggy Pop has felt that too, especially when it comes to his mainstream recognition. During a recent appearance in the new issue of Classic Rock, he shared his feeling about that and winning a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award for inspiring young artists like Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X.

“Things changed, and society met me halfway,” the singer stated about being accepted by mainstream media before criticizing the award system. “The Grammys kept wanting to talk to me on the phone, and I kept telling my manager: ‘I don’t want to talk to them. I hate those people. They want me to be an exhibit in their museum or something.’”

Pop continued, “Then when I finally spoke to the lady from the Grammys a couple of months later, she said: ‘We’re giving you the lifetime achievement. Without you, there’s no Lil Nas X, and there’s no Billie Eilish.’ According to her, ‘You’re a direct link to the artists that are at the top of our awards list this year.’ So that’s what one person had to say, and I’ll take that for what it’s worth.”

The rocker received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the organization in 2020, but as he said, he had trouble deciding whether to accept the honor. While Pop is not satisfied with the music industry’s dynamics, the 75-year-old musician has no intention of quitting music. Iggy Pop, who released his new album, ‘Every Loser,’ last week on January 6, continues his career without slowing down.

Other notable musicians such as Chad Smith, Duff McKagan, and Taylor Hawkins also contributed to the record, which was generally very well received. NME even described the album as a ‘present-day primal punk resurrection from the only musician qualified to make one.’ For Pop, that’s probably the real prize.