Ian Gillan’s Favorite Deep Purple Song

Deep Purple has significantly impacted the rock scene since its appearance in 1968. The band has greatly influenced the other upcoming musicians with their sound, in which they have experimented with various genres like psychedelic rock, progressive rock, and heavier melodies. They found themselves among impactful rock bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

The group achieved countless successes with their works and received many praises from the other musicians and the fans. Besides the fans and the other rockers, the group members have also praised their own records from time to time. While they have not satisfied with some of their earliest works, they did not neglect to compliment some of the records that they found successful. In a previous interview, Ian Gillan also revealed his favorite Deep Purple song.

Which Deep Purple Track Did Ian Gillan Pick As His Favorite?

Deep Purple released its twenty-first studio album entitled ‘Whoosh!‘ on August 7, 2020. The band worked with the producer Bob Ezrin on this record as they did on the previous two albums. The album overall reflected the themes of nature and climate change in its songs. The band received positive reviews with this album and became the highest-charting in the United Kingdom for 46 years.

During an interview with VWMusic, Ian Gillan picked ‘Nothing At All’ from their 2020 album as his favorite song and explained the reason behind it. Gillan mentioned that he found the track entirely successful with its emotion, lyrics, and technique. The singer pointed out that the piece had a special place for the vocalist as its lyrics told a story. When he first heard the song before it was completed, it touched his heart, and he definitely wanted to sing it. According to Gillan, the piece was different and distinctive from the other songs of Deep Purple.

Ian Gillan responded when asked why his favorite track was ‘Nothing At All:.’

“Just about everything, really. You know, emotionally, technically, lyrically, musically, it’s got everything. Most songs have got most of these things if they make it onto a record, and we’ve got to be at least fairly happy with them. But it’s like a concert, and really, only one in twenty shows is absolutely perfect from every point of view, to be honest. I mean, they’re all good, but some nights you get the acoustics right, the audience right, the vibe is right, and maybe it’s just the right day of the week. It’s all of these little tiny things, like the monitoring is right and everyone being healthy.

But as far as ‘Nothing at All’ is concerned, it’s very emotional for me lyrically. I think it tells a story in a way that I like to tell it. It’s mostly lyrical, but when I heard that lick, first of all, before the song was written, it did things to my heartstrings, and I said, ‘I want to sing that song.’ For us, it’s a different rhythm. It’s a different tempo from anything else that we do. It’s just got everything, and in my book, it’s the ultimate Deep Purple song.”

You can listen to the song below.