Ian Astbury On The Cult’s ‘Under The Midnight Sun’ Becoming The Best Rock Album Of The Year

After a six-year break from their ‘Hidden City’ of 2016, the Cult has returned to the rock scene with their eleventh studio album, ‘Under the Midnight Sun,’ released on October 7, 2022. Naturally, the band members want their latest effort to get the appreciation they want. Speaking to Germany’s Rock Antenne in a new chat, the Cult’s frontman Ian Astbury reflected on his thoughts about the new record.

“If you’re a fan of rock music, our new record’s essential,” the singer stated without hesitation. “I don’t think there are any recent releases of rock music that comes close to ‘Under The Midnight Sun.’ And to say that, it may sound like an arrogant statement, but I’m tired of this bullsh*t,” said Astbury as he claimed they’d made the best rock album of 2022.

He then continued to share his opinions on what he thought about the fans. “Stop it. Stop phoning it in. Stop exploiting your fans. Stop patronizing your fans. And stop calling them fans. They’re your benefactors. Our audience is our benefactors.” Ian apparently believes that their new album is pretty much worth paying for, and the fans should do their part on this matter.

“I have such incredible gratitude and respect to people who would actually pay their hard-earned money to walk through a door, buy a record, come to a show, buy a t-shirt,” he added. “Are you kidding? I was one; I am one. I appreciate that. I appreciate them. And that’s why we made this record because we wanted it to be the best of the best of the best. It’s a gift. Yeah, you’ve gotta pay for it. But I’m sorry, that’s… it’s society.”

The latest Cult album, ‘Under the Midnight Sun,’ includes eight fresh, original materials from the English band. The record has been praised for its arena rock-influenced sound and uplifting tracks. It has also stood out with the impressive long-term partnership between the frontman Ian Astbury and the band’s guitarist Billy Duffy.