Henry Rollins Addresses David Lee Roth’s Eventful Life And Blazing Intellect


Henry Rollins recently joined an interview with The Hype Magazine in which he talked about David Lee Roth‘s rarely known features as a ‘multi-lingual, multi-disciplined self-starter.’

In 1985, David Lee Roth released his solo record ‘Crazy From The Heat’ while still a member of Van Halen. Roth then used the title of the EP for his 1997 autobiography. Following the release, his memoir became a New York Times bestseller, and it was well-received by the readers.

Diamond Dave’s memoir was 359-page long, and Roth selected the monologues featured in the book from a collection of 1,200 pages. These monologues were recorded and transcribed by a Princeton University graduate student, who followed the rock icon for around a year. Moreover, the book helped Roth reconstruct his public image.

‘Crazy From The Heat’ is about Roth’s childhood recollections, his music career as a member of Van Halen and as a solo musician, his hobbies, and his recording and touring experiences. Besides, it features poetry written by Roth but never officially released before. As it turns out, Henry Rollins was also there to work with Roth on this book.

In an interview with The Hype Magazine, the interviewer asked Henry Rollins whether he advised the musician on a spoken word album or an accompanying project. Rollins said he worked closely with DLR on the book as a response. According to Rollins, Roth expressed his interest in a spoken word-tour during which he would tell stories from the book.

Additionally, Rollins reflected on Roth’s ‘blazing intellect’ and noted that the iconic frontman was a ‘voracious reader and student of history.’ Henry described DLR as someone who was a combination of Mark Twain and Groucho Marx. In addition to his intelligence, he touched upon David’s eventful and adventurous life that he could only reflect a small part of in his book.

In the interview, The Hype Magazine’s Darren Paltrowitz asked Henry Rollins the following:

“One of my favorite projects you were involved with was David Lee Roth’s ‘Crazy From The Heat’ autobiography. Around that time, there were reports of you ‘advising’ Dave on a spoken word album or accompanying project. Any recollection of what happened with that one?”

Rollins then responded:

“I worked with DLR closely on that project. At one point, he expressed interest in being on stage and telling stories from the book, I think. As I remember, I suggested that he have someone on stage with him to ask him questions that would prompt the stories. I think the record idea sprang from the fact that he did the book out loud onto tape. Almost 100 hours, which I have listened through three times.

The man has a blazing intellect. He is a multi-lingual, multi-disciplined self-starter. He is a voracious reader and student of history. Mark Twain meets Groucho Marx, who’s also a black belt. That’s DLR. The book came out and did really well. It’s a great read and only a fraction of what he put on tape. He’s had an eventful life.”

Henry Rollins also revealed that David Lee Roth’s material in the book was actually around 100 hours of recording. Moreover, he recalled suggesting Roth have someone accompanying him and ask him questions during a spoken word show. However, the rock icon hasn’t come up with such a tour yet.