Hayley Williams Introduces Her New Project That Will Aid Women Survived Trafficking And Addiction

Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams took her official Twitter account to share new posts and announced a new charity project for the women.

In the post, Hayley revealed that she made a decision to take care of herself and found a new hobby that will make her healthy and steady especially in these tough times.

Therefore, Hayley decided to learn about making tea, candles and creating her own food. While sharing the things that she made, Hayley also announced her new project.

As Hayley said that she is selling the two blends she made online, she also stated that a part of the profits will go to the Thistle Farms, which is a foundation to help women survivors of trafficking, addiction, and the prison system.

Here is what Hayley Williams said:

“Last summer when I made the decision to pull back on album promotion, I gave myself permission to find some new creative outlets that would also be healthy for me. Ended up making candles, growing my own food, and got really into (like nerdy into) the ritual of tea.

Today, I’m launching 2 blends that I made here-> teahuntress.com/hayleywilliams a portion of proceeds from each sale will go to Thistle Farms, one of my fav Nashville orgs for women survivors of trafficking, addiction, and the prison system.”

You can check out the post below.