Hayley Williams Hates Doing Solo Work And Misses Paramore

During a recent conversation on Anna Faris’ podcast, Paramore’s founder, Hayley Williams, responded to a question considering whether she works better as a team member or by herself which led to some very interesting statements considering her recently established solo career.

As you know, Hayley Williams is one of the most popular figures of the 21st-century rock scene, and even though she achieved worldwide fame as the lead singer and songwriter of the new generation rock band Paramore, in the past years she has shifted to indie music within her solo career.

The talented frontwoman released her highly anticipated debut solo album ‘Petals for Armor‘ on May 8, 2020, and it was a huge success. This apparently really encouraged her, especially after being awarded the ‘Best Alternative‘ MTV EMA award, and she released her second album ‘Flovers for Vases / descanos‘ just eight months later, at midnight on February 5.

During a recent conversation, Williams was asked about whether she would ever embark on a solo sailing journey, to which Hayley responded with a hard no as she hates ’embarking on anything alone,’ and followed up by saying that she’s always enjoyed doing something as a group as she feels ‘better protected.’

This statement of course led Williams to discuss the differences between leading a solo career and being in Paramore. Hayley said that doing a solo project was a great experience as it opened her heart to new things. However, she also hated it as she is a band person and doesn’t like being on the road representing only herself.

Anna Faris asked Hayley Williams the following question:

“Are you the kind of person that would sail around the world by yourself?”

To which Hayley Williams responded:

“I don’t think I would. I hate embarking on anything alone. I don’t mind being alone, and I recharge that way but… I think that’s why I’m in a band. I feel better protected if I’m like ‘Hey, do you want to do this with me? ‘Cause I really want to do it but I’m not doing it alone.’ So, I don’t think I would.”

Faris chimed in and said:

“What an awesome feeling that must be, to have your team.”

And Hayley confessed:

“Oh, man! Putting out two solo albums when I’m very much a band person was… I’m glad I did it cause it stretched me, opened up my heart to new things. But I also hated it. I didn’t enjoy knowing that I’m going to go on the road and basically just be representing my own self. That didn’t feel good to me.”

You can check out the interview below.