Guns N’ Roses Icon Slash’s Confession About Corey Taylor


Corey Taylor impacted the metal scene by founding the successful band Stone Sour in 1992. The group gained success from the self-titled album. As of 2017, they sold over two million records in the United States. Later, Slipknot members brought an offer to Taylor to join the band. The rocker parted ways with Stone Sour as he saw a better future for his music career in Slipknot. In 1999, Taylor initially appeared on the band’s self-titled debut album and became a part of the successful group since then.

Taylor also contributed to the other musicians besides his career with the band. He collaborated with impactful names like Code Orange and Apocalyptica on several works. He was a part of a few Steel Panther albums, such as ‘Death To All But Metal’ and ‘Asian Hooke.’ In addition to those tenures, Taylor once auditioned for Velvet Revolver. However, he didn’t get the part, and Slash confessed in a past conversation that not getting Taylor for the band was his fault.

Slash Admitted His Fault In Corey Taylor’s Possible Velvet Revolver Tenure


In 2008, Scott Weiland decided to leave Velvet Revolver and pursue a career with Stone Temple Pilots. Names like Sebastian Bach and Steve Isaacs went for the audition to replace Weiland. Corey Taylor was also among these names who wanted to join the band.

As Matt Sorum revealed in a past conversation, Taylor impressed the Velvet Revolver members during the rehearsals, but he could not have the same impact on Slash. The guitarist also explained in another discussion that he did not find Taylor’s macho-style voice proper for the group. Although Slipknot’s vocalist was close to being a member of Velvet Revolver, he could not end up with the band.

Slash revealed in a past conversation with Rolling Stone that they could not create anything during the songwriting session with Taylor. The guitarist confessed that he was why Taylor did not join the band. The GN’R icon was not sure his joining the group was the right decision. He stated that Taylor was an incredible musician, but he did not fit the style Slash considered about Velvet Revolver.

About Corey Taylor’s audition, Slash said:

“There was a rehearsal with Corey. It was a songwriting session, and nothing came of it. It’s more my fault than anybody’s because I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is the right thing.’ Corey is obviously a f*cking awesome frontman, and he’s a great singer, but it’s just a different style than what I had in mind for Velvet. I was the odd man out on that one.”

After Weiland’s departure, Velvet Revolver members did not continue with a new lead vocalist. They disbanded the group and pursued solo careers. On the other side, Corey Taylor has continued to create successful works with Slipknot and is preparing to release the upcoming seventh album with the band.