Guns N’ Roses Announces The Official Release Of New Song ‘ABSUЯD’

Guns N’ Roses finally presented something new for their fans after the original lineup reunited in 2016. Just some hours ago, the band announced from their official Instagram account the release of their new song ‘Absurd.’ 

As you may know, Guns N’ Roses went through a lot of lineup changes since its formation in 1985. The original Guns N’ Roses members finally reunited in 2016, which highly excited their fans. However, they hadn’t produced or created anything new since their reunion and thus, they kept on performing the same songs.

After their reunion, the band was on the road with their tour ‘We’re F’N Back!’ and there hadn’t been any changes in the setlist until they decided to alter one of their least-known songs and release it. The band announced the release of their new song ‘Absurd’ from their official Instagram account and posted an animated video of the track. 

Here is what they said in the caption:

“New. Fn. Song. ‘ABSUЯD.’ Out NOW. Everywhere.”

Before its official release online, the band recently played this song live on their tour and reminded their fans of a song they had probably heard a long time ago. The track was called ‘Silkworms’ and was first played live in 2001 but it was not played frequently after that. It had become a lost song upon being removed from the setlist, until a few days ago when the band played its remake.

He announced the song in a concert saying:

“Some of you might have heard this under another name, but this is kind of absurd for us to try this. Wasn’t that funny? And they don’t even know the joke yet. Ok, this is called ‘Absurd.’

‘Silkworms’ was written by the keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Chris ‘Towel-Waving’ Pittman. However, until it became ‘Absurd,’ it went through a lot of changes from its lyrics to the heavy guitar solos. The reason why the song was left out of albums and concerts was that it was too ‘futuristic’ to have a place in ‘Chinese Democracy.’ Therefore, the band decided to leave the song for later and eventually resurfaced it for their reunion tour.

You can listen to ‘Absurd’ below.