Chris Shiflett On Working Outside Of Foo Fighters

In a recent interview with Metal Hammer, Foo Fighters guitarist Chris Shiflett shared his thoughts about working on his solo music with new people outside Foo Fighters.

Shiflett’s latest release was his 2019 ‘Hard Lessons’ album. However, the pandemic impacted Shiflett’s ability to record and produce new music the following year. After the dust had settled and traveling was safer, the guitarist flew to Nashville, Tennessee on March 2021 to record new music for his fans.

The two new singles Chris Shiflett has dropped this year are his first tracks since he released his 2019 album. The initial track, ‘Long, Long Year,’ dropped in July. The guitarist followed that with his newest single, ‘Born & Raised’ which has a country-rock sound that is different from what he does with Foo Fighters.

The guitarist recently discussed the difficulties of working with other people for his solo project. Shiflett admitted that he was nervous about walking into a room full of people he had not met or worked with, but it turned out all right. He added that in true Nashville style, they introduced themselves and immediately started working. After a couple of hours, the basic tracks were all made and ready to go.

Chris Shiflett’s thoughts about working with new people on his solo singles:

“I hadn’t done much traveling post-COVID lockdown, so I was a little nervous heading out there to work with a producer and roomful of musicians I didn’t know. In true Nashville style, we made our introductions and got to work, hammering out the basic tracks in a few hours.”

You can listen to ‘Born & Raised’ below.