Grimes Announces New AI Bot While Fans Complain She’s Not Releasing New Music

Grimes recently announced that she had developed an AI version of herself alongside her hardworking team, though not everyone seems as happy about that. The singer’s fans took their complaints to Twitter while ‘reminding her’ what her actual job was, expressing their displeasure with her recent career choices.

The Canadian rocker shared in a recent tweet that she and her team had developed an AI bot of herself while cheerfully explaining how the bot fell in love with her trainer. This recent news about a possible AI Grimes and a love story seemingly out of your average sci-fi excited the singer, as updates on the bot filled her tweets.

The bot was developed to be a part of another project called CYBER Magazine, as the AI took part in a photo shoot for the futuristic outlet. However, as exciting as this news might be for an average tech fan, Grimes’ fans weren’t as happy about the rocker’s recent career investments, as one fan replied to one of her AI updates, simply reminding her, you know… She was also a musician.

The musician’s message on developing an AI bot and how it fell in love with her programmer friend:

We trained an AI version of me, and she fell in love with our friend who trained her! I think we might be in a technological singularity you all.”

The fan tweet follows:

“Please remember that you are also a singer.”

Well, the rocker hadn’t released a full-length studio album after dropping ‘Miss Anthropocene’ three years ago, so her audience decided to make a little reminder that they were waiting for her to compose some new tracks and make a comeback to the music scene. The singer, however, wasn’t as pleased with these complaints.

She responded to that tweet shortly after, discussing how she wasn’t a singer but a talented sound engineer who made people believe she was a good musician. For Grimes, her creativity and innovation didn’t depend on music, and although there were new tracks in progress, the rocker advised any fan to look for other artists if they were searching for the usual singer.

The singer’s response to her fan:

“I was never a singer. I was just good enough at engineering to make it sound like I was. The ideas always came first, and Grimes has always been most loved when I focused on innovating. Lots of new music to come, but you all can find singers anywhere.”

So, it might be safe to say that Grimes thinks of herself as a creative force and innovator rather than your usual rocker who would commit themselves to their music the entire time. The Canadian rocker also noted how different she was from the others while signaling new music was coming.