Greta Van Fleet’s Josh Kiszka Recalls Dave Grohl Bringing Alcohol To Their Tour Bus When They First Met

Greta Van Fleet lead singer Josh Kiszka opened up about the time when the band members first met Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl during an appearance on Talk Is Jericho, and apparently, Grohl brought bottles of Jaeger to the band’s tour bus when they first met and the rest was chatting with the company of shots.

As many of you know, Greta Van Fleet and Foo Fighters are familiar with each other as the young band happened to open numerous shows for Foo Fighters in a number of festivals including the 2018 Bluesfest which was the first time two separate generations of bands performed on the same stage.

Both bands seem to like each other as Greta Van Fleet will be once again joining Foo Fighters for their upcoming tour starting on September 3, 2021, at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester. While it has been revealed that the band will only be performing for the concert in Flughafen Tempelhof in Berlin on June 8, 2022, Nova Rock Festival in Nickelsdorf, it’s promising to see one of the most legendary bands in the world pleasantly working with a rather new band.

While every rock fan has been appreciating the supporting relationship between two bands, the unknown story of how Foo Fighters icon Dave Grohl and Greta Van Fleet members first met was a subject of curiosity, however, it was recently revealed by Josh Kiszka during an interview and it’s extremely hilarious.

Apparently, Dave Grohl and the band members first met when Greta Van Fleet was the opening act for Foo Fighters and Grohl decided to visit the young musicians on their tour bus with the accompany of a few bottles of alcohol, bottles of Jaeger to be exact. The musicians instantly connected and starting talking while taking shots, however, Kiszka didn’t reveal any further detail about the subject of their conversation, leaving fans with curiosity.

Greta Van Fleer singer did reveal the time when the band came across Dave Grohl once again through a recording session during which Foo Fighters icon revealed that he made his research on the band members’ age which allowed him to bring alcohol with him while they were in Canada where the minimum legal drinking age is 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, and Québec, and 19 years in the rest of the country.

Here is what Josh Kiszka said:

 “There’s been a lot of people that have been coming through our lives, and Dave Grohl’s another. The first time we ever met Dave, we were opening for the Foo Fighters. All of these guys are great, but yeah, he just decided to come onto our bus. We just finished the show, and so he came on with a bunch of Jaeger, and we were just taking shots and just kind of talking.

Later we did ‘The Battle at Garden’s Gate’ with Greg Kurstin, he’s done stuff with Foo Fighters, so we were recording in LA, and Greg and Dave were doing a show together. So it was there that Dave started telling me a story about him walking in with the Jaegers, and his mother is there. He goes, ‘Yeah, so I was reading an article in the Rolling Stone about Greta Van Fleet, and then I saw their ages – in Canada, it’s legal.'”

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