Greta Van Fleet’s Jake Kiszka Says Now It’s Their Turn To Toy With Rock And Roll

In a recent interview with Loudersound, Greta Van Fleet guitarist, Jake Kiszka shared opinions about the disccussion of whether rock music is dead or not. Jake pointed out that Greta Van Fleet is one of the new generation of bands who has the duty to reinvent and rediscover rock and roll with new approaches.

As you may remember, KISS bassist, Gene Simmons previously claimed that rock is dead and explained his reasons behind his statement. According to Gene, they have been doing the same things since Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd. He stated that those people who have been using online platforms to stream music were actually responsible for the death of rock music.

Previously, Greta Van Fleet’s Josh Kiszka stated that he didn’t agree with Simmons’ ideas about rock music. Kiszka defined rock as an elastic genre that has the ability to transcend time and place. Recently, Josh and Jacke Kiszka joined an interview to talk about the current status of the band as well as its future.

During the interview, Jake Kiszka claimed that rock and roll can’t remain the same and there have always been new and different ways of creating, reinventing, and rediscovering the genre. Now, it is Greta Van Fleet’s and other new-generation bands’ turn to toy with Rock and Roll by bending and breaking the rules of the old one as being the successors of the genre.

Here’s what Jake Kiszka stated:

“There’s so much more that can be done. Now it’s our generation’s turn to sort of toy with rock’n’roll, create these new ideas, bend and break the rules. It’s exciting.”

Josh also chimed in:

“We have so much more to do and we’re really excited to do it. And we’re excited to see other people doing it. It’s kinda special. A special sacred kind of… family. Cult-ish? Yes! Hahaha… Hasn’t rock’n’roll always been a cult, in a way?”

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