Greg Walls Recalls Scott Ian Embarrassing Anthrax In Front Of Metallica

As one of the early members of Anthrax, Greg Walls had the chance to be in the same room with many musicians, including Metallica. Walls sat down to chat with Chuck Shute about the time Scott Ian horribly embarrassed Anthrax in front of Metallica’s first lineup.

Greg Walls was known to be three hours early for everything, so he got a chance to hang out with Cliff Burton, Dave Mustaine, James Hetfield, and Lars Ulrich before any of his former bandmates showed up. But when Greg realized how good Metallica was after hearing them in the studio, he warned Scott Ian.

Ian suggested playing for Metallica and picked ‘Hunting Dogs,’ which Greg found to be the most embarrassing moment of his life as he had just heard how tight they played. When they went downstairs, he told his bandmates they needed to be better and not get humiliated.

Greg Walls words about Scott Ian embarrasing the band in front of Metallica read:

“When Scott and the band that everybody came after I saw them play a set, I said, ‘Metallica is upstairs,’ and I didn’t know Metallica yeah I met them; they were cool, and you know I was joking around with them. I said, ‘So you’re from San Francisco; you know what I hear about San Francisco?’ He goes, ‘Oh yeah, well, what about the village?’ I’m like, okay, all right, you know, and then they were going to go upstairs, and I said, ‘Listen, these guys are very f*cking tight. Don’t take it lightly.'”

He added:

“They went upstairs, they came back, and Scott [Ian] he said, ‘Let’s play for them now,’ and they came downstairs; he picked one of the most embarrassing babyish shitty songs that he wrote, I don’t know, ‘Hunting Dogs’ or something oh it’s so embarrassing I said, ‘No let’s not play that, let’s play anything but that.’ He said, ‘Oh no, no, no, let’s play it,’ and it was the shittiest, and I felt so embarrassed after seeing them, and I was downstairs with them, and I was like, listen, ‘I don’t want to get f*cking humiliated we have to do better than this because I’m playing with a bunch of schmucks here.'”

At the suggestion of Scott Ian, the moment they sang the piece in front of perhaps one of the most promising bands was nothing short of humiliation in Greg Walls’ eyes. It was probably a moment he would want to take back, otherwise he had nothing but good memories with the first version of Metallica jamming back in those days.