Grandson On Feeling Resentful Towards Alternative Rock

In a recent interview with Kerrang!, Jordan Benjamin, popularly known as Grandson, opened up about his struggle with the music he was creating and his frustration with the alternative rock genre.

As he disclosed, for a period, Grandson was engaged in producing alternative rock and pop-rock songs, with a primary focus on advancing his career. His aim was to write music that would allow him to step into the limelight and perform on grand stages. However, he found that this pursuit left him feeling unfulfilled.

The artist recalled an increasing feeling of dissatisfaction with the alternative pop and rock radio scene, which he felt was promoting inauthentic music. This perception, in turn, left him feeling creatively drained. As time passed, the singer found himself under the weight of the two-year gap since his last album release.

Here is what Grandson said about his resentment towards rock:

“I wasn’t yet sure what I wanted to do, so I was working on these alternative rock, pop-rock songs, and the focus was, ‘I’m going to write this song, and it’s going to do this for me and get me to the places I want to go in my career because I’d like to play these big stages myself someday.’ I was struggling to feel like any of it was authentic.

I started to resent alternative pop and rock radio; it was just leaving this inauthentic taste in my mouth. I felt uninspired, and I was running out of time – it had, all of a sudden, been two years since my album came out. I was dealing with this feeling that if I didn’t figure this out, then everyone’s going to move on and forget about it.”

Considering his words, the rocker’s path led him into a genre he felt was compromising his artistic integrity, resulting in a deep-rooted resentment for alternative rock. Still, he found a way out and completed his second album, ‘I Love You, I’m Trying,’ released on May 5.