Grammy Producer Says Criticism Of Eddie Van Halen Tribute Is Frustrating

Grammy Awards producer David Wild recently joined The Mitch Lafon And Jeremy White Show for an interview. During the conversation, Wild stated that the controversy surrounding the Eddie Van Halen tribute in 2021 is frustrating for him.

In 2021, Grammy Awards paid tribute to the iconic guitarist Eddie Van Halen during the show’s ‘In Memoriam’ retrospective. The guitarist’s signature Frankenstrat stood at the center of the stage while footage of him playing the ‘Eruption’ solo was shown on a big screen.

However, this segment lasted for around 15 seconds, making Van Halen fans and other important figures in the music scene criticize the Grammys for disrespecting Eddie. Sirius XM’s Eddie Trunk was also among the ones who revealed their displeasure at the tribute.

In an interview with The Mitch Lafon And Jeremy White Show, Grammy Awards producer David Wild stated they approached Eddie’s family and estate to ask what they wanted. He then claimed they even told them Wolfgang Van Halen could also do something to tribute to his father. Moreover, Wild stated Eddie’s family didn’t want anyone to perform at the tribute, and due to that, they had to find footage of Eddie to show on the screen.

He then said there is little footage of VH shows, so he tried hard to find videos of Eddie playing guitar. David Wild then said Eddie’s family didn’t want any vocals, so he used Eddie’s legendary ‘Eruption’ solo. However, according to Wild, people still criticized them despite these efforts, which was frustrating for him.

In the interview, Wild said about Grammy Awards’ 2021 Eddie Van Halen tribute following:

“What happened was, we went and told the family and the estate what we have. We told them, ‘We have these people who could perform something. If Wolfgang wants to do something, he can do that. Tell us what you would be comfortable with.’ He was a guy I knew and really liked.

However, they said no one should perform it. They didn’t want anyone. So we had to find a video, and just to show you how tough this stuff can get, there is very little footage of Van Halen. I literally had to personally research the US Festival, which was one of the heights of their performance. The US Festival was only available for an hour and a half. We had to find the right to use the footage.

I wanted to use ‘Eruption’ because it was the family’s desire not to have something with a vocal, to choose Sammy, who was a friend, or David, who I had known for a while. It was to showcase Edward. So, that’s what we did, and yet there was criticism. It was frustrating to me, I will tell you.”

You can watch the interview below.