Graham Nash Is Excited To Release His Most Vulnerable Album

Graham Nash recently dropped a new single, firmly signaling his return to the scene after a long hiatus. Recently, Nash joined Billboard to discuss his excitement about releasing his latest record, ‘Now,’ and why he called it his most ‘vulnerable’ work.

Graham’s release of ‘Right Now,’ the leading single from his newest album, ‘Now,’ marked that the singer still had much to share from the depths of his musical genius. However, considering his lengthy career, one might be surprised to hear that the singer is yet to release his most ‘vulnerable’ record.

There undoubtedly had been times in his career when he let his genuine feelings and thoughts pour into the lyrics, but as Graham called it, ‘Now’ was set to be his most intimate and personal album since the rocker let the audience take a look into his career, personal thought and life.

Nash on ‘Now,’ being his most vulnerable piece of work yet:

“I believe that my new album now is the most personal one I have ever made. At this point in my life, that’s something to say.”

After being on a hiatus for seven years, Graham finally decided to release his latest project, ‘Now,’ consisting of 13 songs. The album will hit online stores and your local music shops in a few months. So, if you’re a fan of Nash and his music, well, get ready to enjoy some new tracks while discovering the rocker’s utmost personal record.