Gina Schock Details The Financial Troubles The Go-Go’s Had

Gina Schock, the drummer for the iconic all-female rock band The Go-Go’s, recently opened up about the financial struggles the group faced during their early years. She made these revelations on a recent appearance on the SDR Show, discussing everything from their thriftiness with towels to their reliance on stealing milk to survive.

The Go-Go’s debut album, ‘Beauty and the Beat,’ was released in 1981 and became a groundbreaking success for the band. The album cover featured the band members covered only in towels, which, according to Schock, were returned to Macy’s after the shoot due to their lack of funds. Little did they know that iconic image would become a symbol of their early success.

The drummer went on to describe how the band members were living on the edge of poverty while touring in England. Waking up in the morning, they would steal milk off people’s doorsteps so as not to starve. The tours were a lifeline for the girls, as they provided them with regular meals. However, these meals were often meager, consisting of simple candy bars for lunch.

In order to cope with their tough circumstances, the band members would resort to getting high on cough syrup. They survived on a budget of just two pounds and fifty pence per day, which was equivalent to about five dollars at the time. As for transportation, Gina mentioned that the band would either take the tube or rely on the gigs they booked to provide transportation. They made the most of their limited resources, and their dedication to their craft eventually paid off.

When reminded of how they had returned the towels to Macy’s, Schock explained:

“That’s true. We were so poor, and when we were on tour in England, we get up in the morning and go and steal milk off people’s steps, and it’s true. Thank God we were on those tours because we got to eat regularly. I mean, our lunch would be buying a candy bar or something, and we’d get high on cough syrup, and we were living on two pounds fifty a day. So at the time, that was equivalent to five bucks.”

About transportation, she added:

“Well, the transportation… We’d either take the tube or, if it was a gig, then that would be taken care of, so we have a ride.”

The Go-Go’s journey reminds us one more time that success often comes at a price. Their early financial struggles couldn’t prevent them from making it in the music industry. As we look back at their iconic first album cover and remember the story of the returned towels, it’s clear that the Go-Go’s didn’t let their circumstances define them. Instead, they used their resourcefulness and talent to create a lasting legacy in rock and roll history.