Gil Moore Thinks Joe Walsh’s Version Of ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ Was Better Than Triumph’s

Triumph drummer Gil Moore recently appeared as a guest on Rock History Music and compared Joe Walsh‘s and Triumph’s versions of ‘Rocky Mountain Way.’ He thinks Walsh’s cover was better than theirs.

The song, ‘Rocky Mountain Way,’ originally appeared on Joe Walsh’s second studio album, ‘The Smoker You Drink, the Player You Get,’ released in 1973. Although Walsh shared the vocals and songwriting with the other members of his band, the album was credited to only him as a solo artist. The record is considered the guitarist’s commercial breakthrough due to the enormous success of ‘Rocky Mountain Way.’

Later on, the Canadian power trio Triumph released a cover version of the song in their 1977 second studio album, ‘Rock & Roll Machine.’ Their successful cover gave the band their first big hit. Triumph’s version of the track received mixed reviews from music lovers. During his latest appearance, Gil Moore shared his thoughts on both versions of the song.

The drummer revealed that he says he likes the original record better when asked to compare theirs and Joe Walsh’s versions. He is also a massive admirer of Joe Walsh and his guitar playing. Moore thinks their version is slower and heavier. Thus, people who are more into rock music would enjoy their cover more, but he is sure that many other people find Walsh’s version better. Moore still likes both because he thinks the song is already great.

Gil Moore’s comparison of Joe Walsh’s and Triumph’s versions:

“They’d say to me, ‘What do you think of Joe’s version?’ I’d say, ‘I like Joe’s version better than Triumph’s version.’ They were like, ‘Really?’ I said, ‘Yeah,’ and they said, ‘Why?’ I go, ‘Figure!’ I like Joe Walsh. You are not going to tell anything that I’m involved in if I’ve got somebody I looked up to, and I love Joe Walsh’s version. I love the way he plays guitar.

It is a great song, and it is a great version. How could anything be better? Our version is different; it is heavier. There is no doubt about that. Ours is a little slower and a little heavier. I guess if people are inclined to like the more rock version of it, then perhaps those people like ours, but I’m sure tons of people feel the other way. It is a great song; I love both versions.”

You can watch the rest of the conversation and both versions of the song below.