Gerard Way Doesn’t Consider Nirvana A Grunge Band

My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way expressed his feelings and thoughts about Nirvana along with the band’s place in the Seattle grunge scene during his recent interview with NME. Also, the lead singer elaborated on My Chemical Romance’s genre, which doesn’t feel right.

Grunge can be defined as an alternative rock genre and subculture that started to hit the rock scene during the ’80s and reached mainstream popularity in the ’90s. Some bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains contributed to the genre’s success with their remarkable records and talents as musicians and songwriters.

In addition, according to Gerard Way, Nirvana was put into the grunge category without being asked about it. Way argued that the Nirvana members never wanted to be categorized or tagged as they didn’t believe in such kind of cooperate, radio-friendly, and clickbait terms. Therefore, he never considered them a part of the popular Seattle grunge scene by emphasizing that he liked to listen to Nirvana’s version of grunge music.

However, the frontman admitted that Nirvana records’ sounds and lyrics were far better than any other grunge bands back then, and it’s still hard to succeed them. The My Chemical Romance lead singer added that their band was also described as an emo band with which none of the band members felt comfortable. Gerard Way stated that their early years coincided with the second wave of emo music, and that’s the main reason behind this categorization.

Way stated in his interview the following:

Nirvana had the grunge tag and MCR got the emo tag. I don’t think either of our bands ever felt comfortable with those tags. I was never really into other grunge; it was Nirvana for me.

I didn’t necessarily consider them grunge – I guess they epitomized it, but at the same time, nobody else that was a grunge band really sounded like them, you know? I felt that way about My Chemical Romance too. We had emerged into this second-wave emo scene, and it never really felt right.”

Consequently, as it can be understood from Way’s statement that tagging or categorizing rock bands like Nirvana and My Chemical Romance never felt right. Thus, they preferred to create, record, and perform in their own way without considering a specific genre, sub-genre, or style.