Genesis’ Steve Hackett Picks Favorite Between Peter Gabriel And Phil Collins

Former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett recently made a choice between the two Genesis frontmen, Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel, as he was naming his two favorite Genesis records. During an interview with Now Spinning Magazine Podcast to discuss his newly released album ‘Foxtrot at 50 + Hackett Highlights‘ which includes the band’s show in Brighton during last year’s Foxtrot At Fifty tour, Hackett named two of the classic Genesis albums that made his choice of the frontman clear.

The rocker described revisiting the Genesis albums with the band and revealed the first of the two of his favorite albums:

“I believe we moved forward to ‘Seconds Out’ if I got the chronology right. ‘Seconds Out’ is a compilation album and always was, heading towards the end of the 70s, of a summation of what the band was capable of at that time. ‘Foxtrot’ is earlier, so I’m going back earlier. I’m not trying to stroll throughout the years and do every single album, that doesn’t really appeal, but ‘Foxtrot’ certainly appeals as an entire entity. I think it’s one of the two best albums.”

The guitarist then named the second album he thinks is the best Genesis record:

“If I was honest, I would say that the two best albums from the classic Genesis period for me are ‘Foxtrot’ and ‘Selling England [By The Pound].’ Those two, I think, typify what the band was capable of at the time when was basically a pre-video era. If we did a video, it was kind of anomaly that might be the old thing filmed in front of an audience in Shepparton and invited audience, but we were yet to be filmed if you know what I mean.”

With his album preferences, it became evident that the rocker prefers Gabriel’s vocals over Collins’.

Similar to what Hackett thinks, other critics too called ‘Selling England By The Pound‘ the best album of all time of the band.

Earlier, the rocker revealed once again that his favorite Genesis record was ‘Selling England By The Pound,’ and he even had a tour named after the album. Although the guitarist plays fifty percent of his own songs and the other fifty he plays Genesis tracks, he sees a reunion as unlikely.

Below, you can see the recent interview.