Gene Simmons Warns Rock Bands Who Didn’t Cancel Their Shows In Russia


KISS bassist Gene Simmons spoke to TMZ, sharing his feelings and thoughts about the bands that will continue their live performances in Russia even though many artists canceled their concerts. The bassist drew attention to the consequences these musicians will face soon because they decided not to cancel their shows.

The whole world was shaken after Russia’s conventional warfare operation against Ukraine. Almost every country stood beside the Ukrainian government and people who stated that they would do everything to protect their land. The governments and artists targeted President Putin to support the victims of the war and announce their actions against it, such as canceling shows.

Many musicians and bands like Slipknot, Iron Maiden, Yungblud, Green Day, AJR, Bring Me the Horizon, and Iggy Pop revealed that they wouldn’t perform any concerts in Russia by releasing statements about the issue on their official social media accounts. However, a few artists still didn’t make any announcements about their upcoming shows in the country, and Simmons wanted to warn them about their acts.

Simmons highlighted that the bands that didn’t cancel their performances could make political statements against the Russian government during their concerts in a conversation with TMZ. The bassist was sure that they would get severe backlash from their fans because of their decision, and it will eventually turn into support for ‘Putin’s outright lies.’ He also reminded that KISS rejected an offer worth millions of dollars for giving a concert at the Sun City resort in South Africa due to the government’s institutionalized racial segregation back then.

Simmons stated in his interview that:

“The only possible upside might be if a band gets up there makes political statements on the stage, which is usually something I’m against, but this is beyond politics. This is just lunacy. They’re going to get a lot of pushback from their own fans. You can’t do that. We were faced with the same problem with Botswana in the days of apartheid.

We were offered millions of dollars, but we said, ‘No, we can’t go there because if a western band goes there, you’re saying it’s okay for apartheid and all the racism and the lack of justice.’ So we said no. There were some bands that went, and they paid the price. Their fans turned on them. The problem is not funding a few million is not going to help her hinder the problem. If a Western band plays Russia, it gives credence a political win for Putin’s outright lies.

You can check out the interview below.