Gene Simmons Shows How He Got ‘At Least Seven Times Richer’ In Only A Few Days

KISS bass guitarist Gene Simmons, who is also the co-founder of the band, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and revealed how he managed to get richer in only a few days.

As you might remember, after Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk showed his support to Dogecoin, Gene Simmons announced that even though he won’t recommend anyone to do it, he invested in Dogecoin.

Yesterday, one of the fans was warning Gene about the hype of Dogecoin and claimed that the cryptocurrency won’t profit him in long term and said that he shouldn’t get stuck with it.

However, Gene mentioned the fact that shares of the Dogecoin is rising currently and said that he got seven-time richer in this small period of time as he criticized the critiques of his followers.

A fan of Gene said:

“Gene, don’t follow the hype. Before this year, $0.01 was the all time high for $DOGE. They already pushed it to $0.08 and it topped out. Don’t get stuck with a bag of $DOGE when this is all over.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“But…Doge is at .068 today. Do, if you would’ve gotten in at .o1, you’d be 6 times richer…

And now Dodgecoin is at .72. So you’d be at least 7 times richer… What was your point again? 🤟😎 Mic drop!”

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