Gene Simmons Says He Never Thought KISS Would Last More Than A Few Years

During a new interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Kevin Frazier, KISS bassist Gene Simmons revealed that they assumed it would only last a few years when they formed the band.

Throughout their career for nearly five decades now, KISS has sold over 100 million albums and put their signature to many hit songs. New York City-based band created their own brand with attention-grabbing stage shows, striking costumes, and make-up. Their highly theatrical shows and outrageous appearances helped them fill the concerts with enough crowds for many stadiums.

After leaving a memorable mark on the music scene, KISS launched their final concert tour, ‘End of the World Tour,’ in 2019. Their original plan was to end the tour in July 2021, but they postponed most of the shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The tour is now planned to conclude in October of 2022, but it is still up to changes. Gene Simmons said that it would mark their final shows as a group during the interview.

Simmons also looked back at the band’s long-lasting career and revealed that he never thought KISS would last more than a few years when they initially formed the group. The bassist explained that they are approaching fifty years in their music career, and he can’t believe they have been able to do this for so long. Simmons thinks that it is the right time for them to leave the stage after all these successful years.

Gene Simmons speaking on the longevity of KISS:

“We’re approaching 50 years of doing this, which is unbelievable because we never thought we’d last more than a few years.

The bassist also said they still have this energy to perform highly energetic shows, and they work hard to maintain it. Simmons stressed that staying away from drugs and alcohol has helped them keep it going. Being in good shape is necessary for their stage performances as they require high effort with those heavy outfits.