Gene Simmons Reacts To A Fan Criticizing Him For Being ‘Greedy And Bully’

KISS bass guitarist and co-founder, Gene Simmons, took his official Twitter account to share a new post and responded to the criticism he got from the community.

As you might recall, Gene Simmons has been sharing lots of tweets about cryptocurrency lately, and he even followed the steps of Elon Musk to invest in Dogecoin. Afterward, he also revealed that he also made an investment in Ethereum.

Even though Gene has been sharing these pieces of information with his followers, he also stated that he is not recommending or suggesting anything to anyone about cryptocurrency. However, some of the followers claimed that he is making a profit from these tweets.

After a while, Gene responded to these claims by saying once again that he is not giving any investment advice for them and wrote that they should make their own research if they want to invest in cryptocurrency.

One of the Twitter user to Gene:

“Greed and bullying is what drives your recent Tweet rants. You have no interest in guiding your fans towards good investments. I love your band, and your accomplishments, but I would never want to be your friend; so let the insults fly and keep punching down.”

Gene Simmons replied:

“I’m not here to give you investment advice. Do your own research, I keep telling you guys. Additionally, you don’t know me. So the idea of being friends with you, is not foremost in my mind. In either case, I wish you well and hope you’re staying safe out there.”

You can check out the post below.

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