Gene Simmons And Paul Stanley Debates Over Who Really Wrote KISS’ ‘Strutter’

During a Q&A session at the KISS Cruise X, KISS bassist Gene Simmons and guitarist Paul Stanley argued over which one of them actually wrote the KISS song ‘Strutter.’

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been the primary songwriters of the band throughout KISS’s career. On February 18, 1974, a year after KISS’ formation, the band released their debut studio album ‘Kiss.’ Although both Simmons and Stanley wrote most of the album’s songs, they conflicted over who wrote the album’s ‘Strutter.’

‘Strutter’ was the third single of the band’s self-titled debut album. Besides, the track is one of the few songs written by Stanley and Simmons together. While writing the lyrics, Stanley used Gene Simmons’ song ‘Stanley The Parrot’ to write new lyrics for ‘Strutter.’

In a Q&A session, Simmons argued that he wrote the song’s lyrics while Stanley stated he did the songwriting. The debate on ‘Strutter’started when Simmons aimed at Stanley by saying he thinks he wrote ‘Strutter’ because he has lost all his memory.

Following that, the interviewer asked Stanley his favorite song. He stated that he wrote ‘Strutter’ and mentioned the tale of Pinocchio to imply Gene Simmons is a liar. Besides, the guitarist said he wrote the song himself again and then asked Simmons his favorite songs.

In the interview, the host asked Simmons:

“How long does a thing like that take, and how good is your memory of everything that you did? Do you have to have people remind you of what you had done?”

Simmons then responded:

“Well, clearly, Paul Stanley has lost all memory. He thinks he wrote ‘Strutter.’ I know I did.”

At some point during the interview, the host asked Stanley:

“Paul, do you have a favorite song that stands out as a personal favorite song that really gets you?”

Stanley then said:

“Well, when I wrote ‘Strutter.’ It’s really hard to come up with a single song, really. Can’t think of it offhand, but it’s interesting. Your song came from the movie Pinocchio, about a guy who tells lies and his nose grows. I wrote ‘Stutter,’ okay? So what’s your favorite song? If I could only say KISS songs, I would say ‘Love Gun’ or ‘Detroit Rock City,’ my favorite.”

Below, you can watch the full interview and listen to ‘Strutter’ by KISS.