Gene Simmons Admits That It Took Him Long Time To Get Serious About Life While Opening Up About His Marriage


KISS co-founder and bass guitarist Gene Simmons revealed the details of his relationship with his wife, Shannon Simmons, during a recent appearance on ET Online.

In the interview, Gene also talked about their decision about moving out from the cities and living in a calm place, as well as explained how it will affect the relationship with his children.

Later in the conversation, the iconic bass guitarist pointed out that it took so long for him to get serious about life because they taught that they were still kids back in the days.

Additionally, Gene said that Shannon has always been the soul and the moral compass of the family and revealed that they are just an empty body without her presence.

Here is what Gene Simmons said:

“It took me a long, long time to even get serious about life. I grew up hearing all these things, like, ‘Oh, family’s everything, and if it wasn’t for my wife and stuff, I’d be nothing.’ It’s true. We’re self-absorbed.

We’re taught that from the time we’re kids. But finally you have to think of somebody else other than yourself.

Shamefully, most of my life, I was just like, ‘Where you going? Where am I going? Who wants to know?’ That sort of arrogant kind of thing. Shannon has always been, and continues to be, the moral compass of this family, the soul.

We’re just an empty body without her. She raised these two gorgeous, amazing kids who have grown up to be wonderful human beings… As far as I’m concerned, she is more beautiful now than ever.”

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