Gem Archer Clarifies A Misunderstanding About ‘Oasis Reunion’ Rumors

Oasis guitarist Gem Archer revealed whether or not Noel and Liam Gallagher have any plans for a reunion.

In a recent interview with Guitar World, the guitarist touched on his years with Oasis. Discussing lessons for anybody who speculates on their musical future after being in the same band with the Gallagher brothers for years, the rocker said:

“Oh, yeah, that’s for sure. That whole conversation is one I don’t really like to get too deep into, you know? It could go on forever and get nowhere. But the funny thing is there’s no escaping it.

The guitarist did not have anything in mind about a reunion, but it was one of the closest people to him that brought up the topic. Apparently, there was a misunderstanding that led to the possibility of a reunion, which was clarified later:

“A few months ago my daughter, who is 24 – smart as a whip and a good kid – said to me, ‘Dad, can I ask you a question?’ I said, ‘Go on,’ and she said, ‘Are you lot getting back together?’ I had to laugh; I said, ‘Oh, not you too!’ And she goes, ‘Well, you’ve been up to Manchester.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, to shoot a video!’

Well, he would rather have a cup of tea than ever mention a reunion:

“If anyone thinks we’d be getting back together or getting on some sort of track, it’s just not one of those things that’s happening. So when those conversations come up, or my daughter asks, I say, ‘Look, no. Shall we have a f*cking cup of tea?’”

Archer’s Secret To Working With Gallaghers


Known for their public feuds and disagreements, the Gallagher brothers seem like they have no intention of getting back together for a reunion. The guitarist was asked about his secret of being in a band with brothers who always end up having bad blood. Archer revealed:

“Ah, I’d be a fool to think I knew the secret to that! There must be something in our mutual Northern souls that allowed the same influences and mindset to seep in. And as far as Liam and Noel go, none of us will ever know the depth of where some of those emotions come from. It’s better left between the two.”

Noel Thinks Liam Ruined Oasis

Liam Gallagher holds the belief that Noel always had intentions of pursuing a solo career, pointing to evidence such as Noel’s solo performances during Oasis tours. Liam is also of the opinion that Noel ultimately ended the band to fulfill his personal ambitions.

On the other hand, Noel has asserted that he left Oasis because of both verbal and physical intimidation. In particular, he cited an altercation in Paris as the breaking point that led to his departure from the band.

The situation went even further when Noel filed a lawsuit against his brother, accusing him of spreading false information regarding the reasons for the cancellation of Oasis’s 2009 V Festival performance. Noel contended that Liam’s hangover was the cause, a statement vehemently denied by Liam. The singer clarified that his absence from the V Festival resulted from laryngitis, not a hangover, and expressed displeasure at Noel’s allegations.