Geezer Butler Explains What He Learned From Paul McCartney And John Lennon

Black Sabbath icon Geezer Butler spoke to Guitar World and named his five albums that changed his style as a bass guitarist. He also mentioned his admiration of The Beatles icons John Lennon and Paul McCartney while talking about a legendary Beatles record.

The Beatles released their eleventh studio album entitled ‘Abbey Road’ on September 26, 1969, which became very popular and commercially successful. The album received positive reviews from their fans and the other younger and older generation musicians and bands.

As one of them, Geezer Butler, thinks that he learned many things from Paul McCartney’s way of playing the bass parts in the album by emphasizing one of its tracks ‘Something.’ The bassist added that ‘I Saw Her Standing There,’ which was released in The Beatles’ debut album, has a well-crafted bassline too.

The Black Sabbath bassist unveiled that he’s a huge Beatles fan and never forgot to give credit to the band although he was mental about the late Beatle John Lennon’s characteristics and his musical talent. Moreover, Butler drew attention to the people who ‘overlook’ the band’s members’ unique talents as musicians.

Butler stated in his interview that:

“Paul McCartney’s bass playing is unique. I learned some of his basslines and they’re so emotional, especially on the song ‘Something.’ That’s just one of his songs – ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ has a great rock ’n’ roll bassline as well. I’m a Beatles fanatic: It’s great that a band who were so popular were such great musicians as well.

I appreciated all of them, even though I was a rhythm guitarist at the time and mental about John Lennon. Their musicianship often gets overlooked, or it did at that time, anyway.”

You can listen to the songs below.