Geddy Lee’s Forgotten Supergroup

Geddy Lee bought his first acoustic guitar at the age of 14, but he had started playing music in school when he was about 10. This interest in music began to take a more definite path when Lee was 16, which coincides with the Rush’s formation, when his friend Alex Lifeson invited him to sing for them. His music career, which started with Rush playing in small coffee shops, made him one of the world’s most well-known vocalists and bassists.

While he rose to fame with his tenure in a band, Lee has also embarked on different musical projects. Especially in the early 2000s, he was trying out several new things outside Rush. For example, he released his solo debut album in 2000. However, what is not often remembered about those years is that he co-founded and played in a supergroup in 2006.

What Was Geddy Lee’s Now Hardly Remembered Supergroup?

From the late 1980s until the 2000s, many supergroups, such as Audioslave, Chickenfoot, and Bad Company, had done successful works that would later be remembered. Geddy Lee and his childhood friend and bandmate, Alex Lifeson, also tried to form a supergroup, but it’s hard to say that this one was as memorable as the others. Their band was called Big Dirty Band and was initially formed to support ‘Trailer Park Boys: The Movie,’ which premiered in 2006.

The band was all-Canadian, including members of Big Wreck, Three Days Grace, Die Mannequin, and the Tea Party. They were one of the bands that contributed to the movie’s soundtrack, along with  Swollen Members, April Wine, Wintersleep, Rough Trade, and The Tragically Hip. Interestingly, Rush was also named in the soundtrack compilation album released in 2006.

The movie in question is a sequel to the Canadian mockumentary sitcom ‘Trailer Park Boys,’ also known as ‘Trailer Park Boys: Countdown to The Big Dirty.’ Here’s where the band’s name came from; Big Dirty Band became a one-off band, shot a music video for ‘I Fought The Law,’ their cover of Bobby Fuller Four, performed live once at the movie’s premiere, and disbanded. So ended the short adventure of the supergroup of Lee and Lifeson.

You can watch the music video for ‘I Fought The Law’ on Youtube below.