Stevie Van Zandt On E Street Band’s ‘Strong’ Return To The Stage

Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band finished their most recent tour, the River Tour, in 2017. Although they had taken a break for a few years in previous periods, it has been five years since they haven’t toured this time. It was recently announced that the band will finally meet the audience for the 2023 tour, which is scheduled to begin on February 1. Stevie Van Zandt shared some details on the band’s upcoming tour on his Twitter account.

“January,” the guitarist replied when a user asked whether they had come together for the tour rehearsals. He continued by sharing that they need to rehearse because it has been a long time since their last time on the road. “We usually don’t rehearse much. Just a week or two to get reacquainted. But this time, we will. 6 years is a long break.”

Van Zandt added, “But we’re coming back strong. It’s going to feel like the intensity of the Darkness tour after we were cooped up in the studio for a year or two.” So, the musician is pretty hopeful for the forthcoming tour since he believes it will be successful and intense.

In his tweet, the E Street Band guitarist referred to the band’s Darkness tour, which started in May 1978 and continued throughout the rest of the year, in support of Springsteen’s fourth studio album ‘Darkness on the Edge of Town.’ He hopes their upcoming tour will also be as intense as the Darkness one. Many of his fans regarded that tour as one of the best in Bruce Springsteen’s career.