Geddy Lee Admits He Was Struggling In The Aftermath Of Neil Peart’s Passing

Geddy Lee announced some exciting news on his Instagram account regarding a new book release scheduled for Fall 2022. Rush’s lead-vocalist also opened up about his struggle following his beloved bandmate Neil Peart‘s death and explained how he overcame the issue by focusing on writing.

Lee joined Rush in September 1968, replacing bassist and frontman Jeff Jones, and he stayed with the band until they disbanded after Neil Peart’s passing in 2020. That year was challenging for the entire world due to the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, but it was especially hard for the band as they lost their life-long friend and drummer.

In a recent post on Instagram, the singer wrote a long text explaining what he did during the pandemic. Geddy described how he spent time with his family and dogs while sipping Armagnac. He then revealed his newest hobby that emerged during the lockdown, which is writing. Lee admitted that it wasn’t easy for him to go back to his normal life after the tragic loss of his bandmate and friend Neil Peart, however, his friend Daniel Richler encouraged him to overcome his struggle by starting writing.

Rush icon’s as-of-yet untitled memoir will include stories from his childhood, his family, his traves, and the story of his parents’ survival from Nazis. Although Lee hasn’t decided the title of his memoir, he has already announced the release date which is Fall 2022.

Here is his lengthy caption:

“So, how did I kill time during the pandemic? Little did I know that as of March 2020, I’d be locked down for over a year and a half – the longest time I’d spent in Toronto since I was nineteen and hit the Northern Ontario bar circuit with Rush.

Although Nancy and I had to cancel a bunch of adventures we’d been planning, there were some shiny silver linings to be found at home: teaching my grandson the finer points of baseball and birdwatching, tending to my pups (one of whom was quite ill) and spending the evenings with my lovely better half, a glass of Armagnac in hand, as we watched every European mystery show ever produced. Oh, and another thing: I began to write. Words, that is.”

Here is how he announced his upcoming memoir:

“My friend and collaborator on the Big Beautiful Book of Bass, Daniel Richler, saw how I was struggling in the aftermath of Neil’s passing, and tried coaxing me out of my blues with some funny tales from his youth, daring me to share my own in return. So I did—reluctantly at first, but then remembering, oh yeah, I like wrestling with words. It’s a less physical version of arguing with musical notes, without a Ricky double-neck breaking my back!

And soon, my baby-step stories were becoming grownup chapters. Being the nuclear obsessive that I am, I’d write and re-write them, reassessing perspectives in the narrative not just by scouring my memory banks but my diaries and piles of photo albums too. I was piecing together a mystery of a different kind.

I’d then send these improved and even illustrated stories to Daniel, who’d clean up some of the grammar and remove a lot of the swearing (I love to fucking swear), and presto! In a voice that sounded, well, just like me, a presentable, epic-length account of my life on and off the stage was taking shape: my childhood, my family, the story of my parents’ survival, my travels, and all sorts of nonsense I’ve spent too much time obsessing over. And Daniel said, ‘I think you’re writing a book. An actual memoir, in fact.’ To which I replied, ‘Hmm… I guess I am.’

I’m rounding third on this as-of-yet untitled memoir, which will be published by HarperCollins, edited by Noah Eaker, and is scheduled for release in Fall 2022.

The fans were delighted to find out there will be a memoir released by the member of one of the most accomplished bands and that Lee experienced a productive lockdown. Especially after the passing of his dear friend and band member, the fans were glad to know that writing helped him in a way. The comments section is full of people excited to read the book and see him on tour once the memoir is released.

Here is what a fan stated:

“Call it ‘playing bass, keyboard and singing at the same time wasn’t enough so I decided to also write this: memoirs of a multitasker.‘”

A fan commented about writing by saying:

“I’m really looking forward to reading your book. What an undertaking! But writing is so rewarding. I hope you do another book signing tour.

Another fan stated their feelings:

“This will be awesome, I can’t wait for this Geddy this is something we all needed! You’re a great writer Geddy so this will be yet another great book! I’m very excited about this and it’s great to know you’ve kept busy during lockdown! Much love Ged good luck!”

You can see the photo that accompanied the caption below.

Photo Credit: Geddy Lee – Instagram