Gary Holt And Dave Lombardo Pay Tribute To Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman On The Anniversary Of His Death

Exodus’ guitarist Gary Holt and Slayer’s former drummer Dave Lombardo shared their longings and respects for their longtime friend Jeff Henneman on the eighth anniversary of his death through their Instagram accounts.

Jeff Henneman was the founder member and guitarist of Slayer along with drummer Dave Lombardo. He continued to play in the band till his illness got worse and worse. In 2011, he was caught necrotizing fasciitis also known as flesh-eating disease and it was linked with the spider bite that he got in a friend’s hot tub.

Therefore, Henneman couldn’t attend the Slayer’s Australian Soundwave Festival tour and the band went to tour replacing him with Exodus guitarist Gary Holt temporarily. Henneman died of liver failure on May 2, 2013 and later the official cause of death was announced as alcohol-related cirrhosis.

The fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods awards which were supposed to be dedicated to heavy metal spirit took place in May 2, 2013. Slayer guitarist Kerry King determined to honor Henneman with a moment of silence. Then he decided that his friend would want to hear loud voices.

On the eighth anniversary of his death, his former bandmates and longtime friends Gary Holt and Dave Lombardo shared photos with Henneman expressing their love and respect to him.

Here’s what Holt wrote:

“Jeff, you’re always missed, bro. Always the king, always the best bro to hang out with, riff master supreme cheers bro.”

Here’s what Lombardo posted:

“Ya gotta bring back that bullet belt!

You can see the photos below.

Photo Credit: Dave Lombardo – Instagram
Photo Credit: Gary Holt – Instagram