Steve Lukather Hints Something Big About Toto: ‘I Won’t Let This Thing Die’

In a new interview with Regina Leader-Post, Toto’s Steve Lukather expressed his unwavering commitment to the band, promising to keep its legacy alive against all odds.

Despite facing significant losses, including the deaths of founding members Jeff Porcaro in 1992 and Mike Porcaro in 2015 and dealing with the retirement of key members like Steve Porcaro and David Hungate, Toto persists. David Paich, though not frequently seen on stage due to health issues, remains an integral part of the band behind the scenes.

Lukather’s resolve to keep Toto’s memory alive is palpable, as he stated:

“I miss them every day, so we try to keep their memory alive by playing the best we possibly can with the best musicians I can find. I won’t let this (thing) die. I put 46 years into it. It’s the law of supply and demand as well. You want to give people what they want. If nobody showed up, we wouldn’t do it anymore, but quite the opposite is happening. Our career is on the upward swing if you can believe it. It doesn’t happen very often to classic rock bands to get some legs later in their career.”

Navigating Change In The Band

In a previous discussion with Kenny Aronoff last year, the guitarist once again opened up about Toto’s journey and the decision to continue without its original lineup. He explained:

“It’s not 1978, the start of the original with Jeff [Porcaro]. How could it be? I’m just trying to keep the music alive because I put my whole life into this thing. I fought for it. It wasn’t cool when we took all this crap. We took so much s**t. I don’t know. They thought we couldn’t be a real rock band if we were in the studio like being in the studio is a bad thing.”

Staying True To Toto’s Legacy

Despite receiving backlash for his efforts to keep Toto active, Lukather is determined to preserve the band’s legacy. He previously emphasized his dedication to keeping their music alive, sharing it with the world, and honoring its history.

The band started a North American tour with 30 shows alongside Journey and 14 of their own concerts, beginning in Biloxi, MS on February 9 and ending in Bridgeport, CT on April 29. They will also tour Europe from June to early August. UK fans can look forward to shows planned for early 2025.