From Ashes To New Vocalist Details How Two Fans Crashed Into The Venue After Being Kicked Out

From Ashes To New frontman Matt Brandyberry shared his reaction to a car crash that happened during their show on his social media. Moreover, the musician also revealed the details of the incident.

From Ashes To New joined P.O.D. for the ‘Sattlelite Tour 2021,’ and they have been touring in North America since August. However, during their show in Birmingham on September 21, something tragic happened. After being kicked out of the show, two fans crashed into the venue.

Following the crash, a video of Matt Brandyberry detailing the incident surfaced on Twitter. In the video, he revealed that two fans got kicked out of the club and had a fight with the security guard as a result. Following that, the fans left the scene. As it seems, one of them got pretty mad at the guard, so he attempted to run him over when he came back.

Furthermore, Matt mentioned that this fan actually hit the guard, but the guard’s health condition is pretty great right now. However, the singer said that the guy who was driving the car is actually messed up after the crash.

Matt Brandyberry said in the video that:

“Here’s what I’m told happened. I was on the bus and we got a text from our guitar tech saying someone just got ran over. We joke around all the time so I’m like, ‘What does that mean? Just got ran over? What is he talking about?’ We asked and he said, ‘No, for real, someone just got ran over.’

Apparently, what happened was this dude got kicked out of our show tonight. And I guess he got mad at the security guard for doing that. I guess they got into a fight and, from what I’m hearing, someone pulled a gun — security pulled a gun or something like that — and they got into a fight. And then this dude left. I guess everything was cool then and everything was chill. I guess what ended up happening was after he left, he came back with his car and he tried to run the security guard over.

And you’re getting ready to see what that is [flips camera]. This dude ran his fucking car into the bar, into the club. I have never in my life, in the middle of… his car is everywhere, all over the ground, all over the place. I guess he must’ve hit the security guard, but the security guard seems fine; he’s bleeding, but he seems like he’s fine. But the dude who’s driving the car is mangled. The dude is, like, all messed up.”

Later on, Birmingham Police Department announced that two suspects were arrested following the crash and stated that one of them was transported to the hospital and treated for his injuries.

Here is the official announcement from Birmingham Police Department via Facebook:

“Thanks to the swift response of officers from South Precinct, two suspects were arrested after crashing a vehicle into Zydeco located at 2001 15th Street South.

Officers apprehended the suspects prior to them fleeing the scene on foot. One person was transported to the hospital and treated for injuries.”

You can check out the tweet below.