Fred Durst’s Role In The Feud Between Corey Taylor And Korn

In the late 1990s, Calvin Klein launched an advertising campaign that received a backlash from the metal world. Many rock musicians were hired as models for their new denim collection. David Silveria, the drummer for Korn at the time, was one of those musicians. Silveria’s participation in the campaign drew harsh criticism from the metal community, both from the audience and prominent musicians.

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor was also one of the names who criticized Silveria in a very harsh way, as he could not accept the participation of an underground figure in the campaign of a brand like Calvin Klein. The frontman not only talked about the incident to various media outlets but got so worked up over this that he lit copies of magazine issues at Slipknot concerts. Unexpectedly, Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst also got involved in this feud.

How Did Fred Durst Fuel The Dispute Between Korn and Corey Taylor?

During those same years, Limp Bizkit was also very young in the music world, just like Korn. As for how this relationship began, Durst had invited Korn over to his house to listen to their demo after a performance in their town, and this support of Korn also later gave Limp Bizkit an audience.

Fred Durst, who had such a close relationship with Korn, must have been offended by Corey Taylor’s anti-Korn gestures, and he joined the discussion between the two with his comments. He would, of course, be on Korn’s side in this feud, given their close relationship, and he made harsh comments towards Slipknot following Taylor’s public distaste for Korn.

However, these comments were not aimed at Corey Taylor but directly at the Slipknot audience. Considering that Slipknot fans are somewhat wild, it’s not surprising that Taylor’s protest received an even more anger-filled response from the crowd. This was probably why Durst directly targeted the audience in 1999 and called them ‘fat, ugly kids.’

Corey Taylor, of course, did not stay silent when his fans got attacked in this way, and during a performance in Sydney, he responded by saying that their fans enjoyed all kinds of music, including Limp Bizkit. Thus, he claimed that when Durst insulted the fans of Slipknot, he also insulted their fans. The events between these three had been stagnant for many years, and an unexpected collaboration came after years.

By 2006, what had once seemed unthinkable became a reality when Jonathan Davis was in the hospital, and Corey Taylor was leading Korn at the Download show. After that, the two bands worked together on numerous occasions. Given that Korn and Slipknot were the two of the most important figures in the metal genre, this peace delighted their audiences.