Foo Fighters Releases A Disco Themed Video Of Their Cover Of Bee Gees’ ‘You Should Be Dancing’

In a recent tweet, Foo Fighters has announced that they have released a brand new music video for their much-appreciated cover of the Bee Gees classic ‘You Should Be Dancing.’

Foo Fighters had announced the release of their new album ‘Hail Satin’ which will be the follow-up of their tenth album ‘Medicine At Midnight.’ The band has also introduced their new alter-ego ‘Dee Gees,’ appearing on the stage as the Bee Gees tribute band. Their new album is known to be released on July 17, the Record Store Day, and it consists of five Bee Gees songs along with reworked songs from their ‘Medicine At Midnight.’

Garnering great appreciation, Foo Fighters have covered the Bee Gees classic ‘You Should Be Dancing’ during their Madison Square show and for Jo Wiley’s BBC Radio 2. Speaking to Jo Wiley, Dave Grohl has revealed that they have chosen to cover this song after watching a Bee Gees documentary, saying that they wanted to ‘do it like Bee Gees.’ It seems this might be the initial point of their idea of a new career path as ‘The Dee Gees.’

According to the recent tweet posted by Foo Fighters, the band has released a new music video of the cover of the same classic by Bee Gees, ‘You Should Be Dancing.’ The music video appears to have a 70s aesthetic, being a disco-themed visual feast. The video is also released one week before the release of their album ‘Hail Satin.’

Foo Fighters’ tweet read:

One week until ‘Hail Satin’ hits record stores and we cure our Saturday Night Fever at The Forum!”

You can see the tweet posted by the band Foo Fighters and watch the music video of their cover below.