Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Teams Up With Kevin Hart

Sirius XM recently released a commercial for their Sirius XM application called ‘The Home of Sirius XM Presents: Yelling.’ In the commercial Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl collaborated with Kevin Hart, Brett Favre, and Kehlani.

As you know, Dave started his career as the drummer of Scream and Nirvana and then formed the all-time successful band Foo Fighters. He was also involved in co-founding Them Crooked Vultures and joined Queens of the Stone Age as a drummer in their ‘Songs for the Deaf’ album.

However, this time we see him on our screens as a man-of-the-house father figure. In the commercial, Grohl is cooking lasagna and asks Kevin Hart, who is recording in the studio, if he wants some. Hart doesn’t understand what he is saying, so they both start to yell at each other, trying to get their words across.

The successful singer Kehlani joins the yelling from her room while she is putting on makeup, and after her, the former American football quarterback Brett Favre joins them from the tub. Eventually, they all yell at Hart, asking him if he wants some lasagna, but they can never get him to hear and understand them.

The commercial is a clever pun on everything you would want to hear is in the house where Grohl, Hart, Kehlani, and Favre live; yelling. Sirius XM then promotes their application in which you can listen to their programs wherever and whenever.

Here is what the commercial states in the end:

“Everything you want to hear lives here. Get the app. No car required.”

The fans expressed their views about the video in the comments section. Some stated they could not stop laughing, and others threatened to unsubscribe from Sirius XM’s YouTube Channel because they found the video very cringy, especially after seeing Grohl yelling like that.

You can watch the commercial below.