Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl Explains Why He Stays Away From Politics

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl gave an interview to The Sun and stated that he never wants to be somebody political.

Active since 1994, Foo Fighters is founded by Dave Grohl as a solo project in the beginning. During their career, the band released ten successful albums, the latest of which is their ‘Hail Satin.’ With the band, Dave Grohl released the disco-themed album under the name of Dee Gees on July 17, as a tribute to the iconic music group Bee Gees.

Dave Grohl is not afraid of sharing his personal views on political issues. For instance, he supported President Barack Obama and performed ‘My Hero’ at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Apart from that, the Foo Fighters also performed on the day of Biden’s inauguration in 2021 at the Celebrating America concert. More recently, the Foos dressed up as their alter egos the Dee Gees, and teased the homophobic members of Westboro Baptist Church.

Nevertheless, Grohl seems to try to have an impartial attitude when it comes to the discussion of politics. In a recent interview by The Sun, Dave Grohl talked about his political stance. The musician claimed that he is the last person to give advice on political matters, and he does not want to be a political person. He then said the Foos are not a political band, and they are not imposing political ideas on people.

Dave Grohl told The Sun that:

“I never wanted to be seen as somebody political, or someone who is always handing out opinions. But I get asked what I think about all sorts of stuff.

We’re not really a political band. We try to do what we think is right but we’re not preaching to people.

Sometimes, though, it can seem as though I’m always talking about the big issues. Because when people ask me for an opinion, I tend to give one. But I am the very last person who should be telling anyone else what to do. I get things wrong all the time. There are way better people to turn to than me.”

As for a recent piece of news, Foo Fighters announced four UK stadium shows which will take place in 2022. The shows will be their first performance in the UK since their performance in 2019 at the Reading And Leeds Festival.