5 System Of A Down Songs That Might Be Your Hidden Treasures

Hey there, fellow System Of A Down fans! We all know and love their big hits, but there are some lesser-known tracks that definitely deserve a listen. So, we’ve put together a list of five awesome SOAD songs you might not have heard yet, but should definitely check out.

1. Soldier Side (Intro)

‘Soldier Side’ is a super emotional song about soldiers heading off to war and the heartache their families go through. This tune really shows off the band’s softer side and incredible storytelling skills. It’s a cool example of their musical range, with the full version on Hypnotize offering a deep contrast to the short but sweet ‘Soldier Side – Intro’ on Mezmerize. Released just six months apart in 2005, these two albums highlight the band’s diverse sound and make ‘Soldier Side’ a hidden gem you should totally explore.

2. The Metro

Did you know System Of A Down covered Berlin’s ‘The Metro’ not once, but three times? Each version is a unique spin on the classic song, and their cover even made it onto OC Weekly’s 2016 list of ‘The 20 Best Metal Cover Songs.’ From their 1995 demo cassette to the 2006 ‘Lonely Day’ maxi single, these renditions showcase the band’s ability to reinvent a tune and make it their own. Definitely worth a listen!

3. CUBErt

Short but powerful, ‘CUBErt’ is a track from System Of A Down’s self-titled album that tackles the mindlessness of society and how we often just follow authority without question. The title is a fun play on the popular arcade game ‘Q*bert,’ which was entertaining but repetitive, just like the conformity the song criticizes. Though it’s rarely played live, ‘CUBErt’ is a hidden gem that shows off the band’s thought-provoking lyrics and unique sound.

4. 36

Ever heard a song that’s only 46 seconds long but still packs a punch? ’36’ is exactly that—a supercharged critique of how TV can numb our brains. It’s called ’36’ because it’s the 36th song released by System Of A Down. First appearing on their 1995 demo tape and later on Steal This Album, this short but powerful track proves the band can make a strong statement in no time at all. Give it a spin!

5. U-Fig

Featured on System Of A Down’s fifth album, Hypnotize, ‘U-Fig,’ is all about how the media can brainwash people and push them toward violence. Lines like ‘You and me should go outside and beat ’em beat ’em beat ’em beat ’em beat ’em beat ’em’ really drive home the band’s critique of media manipulation. Although it’s not played live very often, ‘U-Fig’ is another example of SOAD’s fearless exploration of social issues and a hidden treasure you should definitely check out.

System Of A Down has so many amazing songs that touch on a wide range of topics and emotions. While we’ll always love their biggest hits, it’s super fun to explore their lesser-known tracks too. So, dive into these hidden treasures and get ready to appreciate the full extent of System Of A Down’s musical awesomeness.