Exodus Guitarist Gary Holt Uses Fake Nails, Here’s The Reason Why

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt posted a picture of his fingernail on his Instagram account and explained how his fake nail saved him from getting a worse injury which made his fans wonder why he uses fake nails at the beginning.

As you may recall, Gary Holt permanently joined the iconic heavy metal band Slayer back in 2013 after Jeff Hanneman passed away. He was a part of the band during the recording of their 2015 album, ‘Repentless,’ and their various concerts around the world until the end of their farewell tour between 2018 and 2019.

Besides his successful career with Slayer, Gary Holt has also been a member of Exodus since 1981. Holt joined the band after their guitarist Tim Agnello left and since then, he has been the main songwriter. Gary is also known as the only Exodus who has taken place in all the albums of the band.

The iconic guitarist has recently taken his official Instagram account to share a picture of his fingernail which apparently involved in a ‘door’ incident. In the caption of his post, Gary mentioned that having fake nails probably saved him from ‘obliterating the actual nail.’ He also stated that he might need an x-ray if it will continue to be ‘swollen and sore as fuck.’

However, his fans and followers mainly focused on the fact that Holt was using fake nails and asked several questions in the comment section of his Instagram post. Soon later, Gary added an edit to his caption and shared the reason why he has been using fake nails for a long time now. Apparently, he preferred to use acrylic nails instead of his natural nail, which is naturally paper-thin, so that he can protect it from the strings of his guitar.

Here is what Gary Holt wrote in the caption of his post:

“Yep… this happened last night. Door meet finger, finger, don’t meet guitar pick for a while. Fake nail probably saved me from obliterating the actual nail. Swollen and sore as fuck! But better than last night. See how it feels tomorrow, may need an x-ray.

Ugh, edit!!! For those asking about the fake nail who don’t know why my natural nail rips to shreds playing guitar, years back I learn acrylic nails are hard as rocks! Saves my finger live, and probably saved it last night!”

Click here to see the Instagram post.

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