Ex-Metallica Bassist Reveals James Hetfield’s Reaction When People Called Him ‘Hatfield’

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney recently responded to Eddie Trunk’s tweet about TrunkNation’s top five metal singers which included James Hetfield. In his response, Ron pointed out that James won’t be happy about Trunk mentioning him as ‘Hatfield.’

Following the garage band Phantom Lord’s disbanding, James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner decided to found Leather Charm in 1981. Hetfield also recruited his childhood friend and roommate, Ron McGovney, and the band was described as the beginning of the legendary band Metallica.

In addition, when Lars Urich and James Hetfield formed Metallica, they wanted to work with the singer’s friend McGowney as the bassist. However, he left the band because of personal problems with Mustaine and Ulrich in 1982 and he was replaced by Cliff Burton who would die in a terrible accident a few years later.

Recently on Twitter, Eddie Trunk posted a tweet listing the listeners’ favorite metal singers including Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, Bruce Dickinson, and James ‘Hatfield’ along with King Diamond/ Michael Sweet. Metallica frontman’s former bandmate Ron McGovney responded to Eddie’s tweet stating that Hetfield won’t be happy about him using the name ‘Hatfield.’ Ron also added that James hated when people called him Hatfield when they were in school.

about this spelling error and he used to hate being called like that when they were at school.

Eddie Trunk’s tweet read:

“Overall stats from today’s TrunkNation on listeners Top 5 all-time metal singers: 1: Ronnie James Dio, 2: Halford 3: Dickinson 4: Hatfield 5:King Diamond/ Michael Sweet(tie). Literally, heaven/hell tied! More tomorrow 2P ET.”

McGovney replied:

“Hatfield… James is not going to like that. He hated it when people called him that name when we were in school.”

You can check out the tweets below.