Eric Clapton Wins His Case Against A Fan Who Sold A Live Bootleg CD

Eric Clapton had filed a lawsuit against a 55-years-old German woman for selling a live bootleg CD.  The court decision was in favor of Clapton and the woman will have to face severe sanctions if she continues selling the CD.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Eric Clapton has been in the public eye especially after his involvement in the COVID-19 debates. Clapton had criticized the lockdown measures of the government and also the promotion of vaccines. He had even compared the lockdown with slavery in a song he released.

The rock legend keeps remaining on the agenda with another issue these days. Apparently, a 55-year-old woman from Germany was trying to sell a live bootleg CD of Clapton on eBay. It was reported that the CD had been acquired by the woman’s late husband nearly 30 years ago. Then she put the album up for sale on eBay and Claton sued her due to the illegal activity.

Although the German woman said that she didn’t initially purchase the CD herself or she didn’t know that she violated the copyright rules, the court favored Eric Clapton. According to the court, what she tried to do was illegal and she broke the rules no matter what. The Düsseldorf Regional Court decided that the woman will have to pay a €250,000 fine or she will face a six-month prison sentence if she proceeds to sell the CD.