Eric Clapton Turns 76 Today, Here’s How His Daughter Ruth Celebrated His Birthday

Eric Clapton’s daughter Ruth Clapton celebrated the 76th birthday of her father by sharing a new post on her Instagram Stories.

To celebrate this special day of her father, Ruth shared two posts on Stories, which actually shared by other pages on Instagram. However, Ruth wanted to share her feelings as a caption.

In the first post, you can see that Ruth shared a picture of Eric, in which he was wearing a traditional outfit that suits his gentle appearance, and Ruth mentioned that he was looking so great.

Afterward, Ruth shared a second picture of Eric, but this time she chooses a picture of him while playing on the stage. Also, she admitted that she will never be cool as Eric and praised his personality.

Here is what Ruth Clapton wrote:

“Collar and accessories goals.

I mean I’m never going to be as cool as either of my parents, to be honest.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Ruth Clapton – Instagram