Eric Clapton Releases A New Song ’The Rebels’ From His Collaboration With Van Morrison

The Yardbirds and Cream icon Eric Clapton shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing a brand new track named ‘The Rebels’ under the name of ‘Slowhand & Van’ in collaboration with legendary musician Van Morrison as well as releasing an accompanying music video for the track.

As some of you might remember, the iconic musicians Eric Clapton and former Them lead singer Van Morrison once collaborated on an anti-mask, an anti-lockdown track named ‘Stand and Deliver‘ in November 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. The controversial song’s profits from sales were donated to Morrison’s ‘Lockdown Financial Hardship Fund’ and the track gained huge success as it has nearly 500k views on YouTube.

Having a close friendship as well as working together previously, Eric Clapton recently shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing another collaboration with Van Morrison named ‘The Rebels.’ The iconic duo named themselves ‘Softhand & Van’ and the brand new song will be benefiting ‘The Van Morrison Rhythm & Blues Foundation’ which is a charity that supports musicians who were left with no job.

Here is what Clapton said:

Brand new duet by Eric and Van Morrison. Streaming now! Proceeds go to The Van Morrison Rhythm & Blues Foundation benefiting out-of-work musicians. Link in bio.”

A few hours after announcing the thrilling news, the Yardbirds and Cream icon shared another post on his official Instagram page revealing that the two also released a music video for ‘The Rebels’ on his official YouTube channel which includes animated characters of the two musicians and the video already more than 60k views within its first day which is the proof of how ‘Slowhand & Van’ is a highly loved duo among fans.

Here is what Eric Clapton said in the Instagram post:

“Slowhand & Van – The Rebels (Music Video)

Watch the music video for Slowhand & Van’s new single out now, ‘The Rebels.'”

You can see the Instagram post as well as listening to ‘The Rebels’ and ‘Stand and Deliver’ below.

Photo Credit: Eric Clapton – Instagram Page