Eric Clapton Announces The Cancelation Of Upcoming Concerts While Transferring Two Of The Shows To 2022


The blues and rock guitarist Eric Clapton shared a post on his official Instagram page announcing the cancelation of two of his upcoming concerts at the Royal Albert Hall in addition to new dates for his two other performances both of which are postponed to 2022 due to the restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic.

As many of you know, nearly all of the live performances with a live audience were postponed or canceled for the past year due to the restrictions and precautions against the coronavirus pandemic. While things have been going back to normal gradually lately thanks to many people who are voluntarily getting the COVID-19 vaccine, going back to the normal everybody knew does not seem to be happening in the near future.

However, because of the hope that the coronavirus vaccine gave many people, most musicians and bands started to reschedule their live performances towards the middle of 2021. Despite there is hope for a ‘new normal’ in our lives, public gatherings still considered dangerous in many countries, therefore, rescheduled concerts have to be scheduled again or canceled altogether.

Just like every other musician, Eric Clapton also was planning to perform at the Royal Albert Hall in May this year for four days, however, he recently shared a post on his official Instagram page, unfortunately announcing cancelations and postponements for his live shows.

Clapton stated that while it was possible to postpone two shows all the way to 2022, the remaining shows were had to be canceled due to the lack of available dates in the future. Just as expected, many fans are disappointed by this announcement, however, some are still happy by the fact that not all shows are canceled.

Here is what Clapton said:

“Due to continuing restrictions on public gatherings, Eric Clapton’s performances planned for the Royal Albert Hall in May 2021 will not take place as scheduled. While it has been possible to transfer two of the shows to 2022, unfortunately, the lack of available dates has forced the cancellation of the remaining two shows.

The concert scheduled for Friday 14 May 2021 will now take place on Saturday 7 May 2022 – all bookings remain valid

The concert scheduled for Monday 17 May 2021 will now take place on Sunday 8 May 2022 – all bookings remain valid

The concerts scheduled for Saturday 15 & Tuesday 18 May 2021 have been canceled.

Ticket holders for all shows will be contacted by their point of purchase.”

You can see the Instagram post by clicking here.