Elton John Reveals He Added His Name To A Letter Supporting The Negotiate Permit And Paperwork-Free Travel For British Artists

Elton John, one of the best-selling music artists of all time, shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing that he’s supporting the artists who are struggling when it comes to touring due to visa by adding his name to a letter which asks the United Kingdom government to make visa-free travel possible for musicians.

As many of you know by now, musicians and every person who works in a job related to the music industry have been struggling financially due to the precautions and restrictions against the coronavirus pandemic. While live streaming shows are standing as a replacement for live performances, for new artists, it’s far from an option since popularity is the key when it comes to online events.

For many rising musicians, the only way to earn their lives and make their music is to travel and tour in order to reach out to more fans in addition to spread their voices. While the coronavirus pandemic is pushing them enough, expenses when it comes to touring is adding more obstacles along the way.

Therefore, there are many foundations and organizations that are trying their best to help those musicians who are deeply trying to survive during these hard times both financially and spiritually. One way to help those artists and their road crew is to convince the government to provide them visa-free travel so that they can freely tour.

Recently, Elton John shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing that he also added his name to a letter that requests the United Kingdom government to provide all the musicians and the road crew visa-free traveling. John stated that the touring industry has already been beaten hard by the coronavirus pandemic, therefore, everybody should try their best to ease the damage.

Here is what Elton John said:

“I have added my name to a letter urging the UK government to fulfill its promise to negotiate permit and paperwork-free travel in Europe for British artists, their road crew, and equipment. The touring industry has already been hit hard by the COVID pandemic and without visa-free travel, many tours will be unviable, especially for emerging artists.”

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