Eloy Casagrande Receives Gary Holt’s Stamp Of Approval After His New Video

The new Slipknot drummer Eloy Casagrande is touring with the band, and receiving thumbs-ups from different rockers.

Casagrande recently shared a drum cam video on his Instagram from one of Slipknot’s recent shows. The video got praising words from the Slayer guitarist Gary Holt. Holt wrote:


Similarly, Rage Against The Machine drummer shared his thoughts on Casagrande’s drum playing:

“Absolutely brutal!”

Fan Comments On The Post

In addition to other musicians, some fans left interesting comments under the video. One user mentioned the late Joey Jordison and compared Casagrande to him:

“Finally someone who can finally put Joey to rest.”

Another said the new drummer was simply the best rock and metal drummer ever:

“Surely the best drummer for this kind of metal/rock music in the world right now.”

Other names such as former Bring Me The Horizon keyboardist Jordan Fish, Architects frontman Sam Carter, and drummer Dan Searle commented praising words too.

Casagrande Had To Keep It A Secret

Slipknot and Jay Weinberg went separate ways last November for creative reasons. A few months later, the band hinted at a new drummer by posting a broken drumstick on social media.

On April 25, Slipknot performed their first show with Casagrande at Pappy & Harriet’s Palace in California. Shortly after, they officially announced him as their new drummer.

Casagrande got the first audition call from Slipknot’s manager in December 2023, after his band Sepultura announced a farewell tour for their 40th anniversary. In an interview two weeks ago, the drummer talked about his audition and revealed he had to keep it a secret until it was officially announced:

“At first, they didn’t explain what we were going to do. It was all kind of in the dark. The first thing they sent was a NDA [non-disclosure agreement] document, so I couldn’t discuss it with anyone.”

See Casagrande’s post here.