Eicca Toppinen Defends James Hetfield Against Backlash Over His Apocalyptica Collab

Eicca Toppinen sat down with Cassius Morris for a new interview and talked about Metallica’s recently released remake of ‘One’ with Apocalyptica.

During the chat, Toppinen was asked about his feelings on the criticism the song and James Hetfield received. The cellist replied

“That just shows how the world is, how people in the world are. Of course, everybody has the right to their own opinion but the whole world lies in the place in a way that nothing should change and if something is good you shouldn’t touch it. There’s a lack of play and fun. So for me, it feels like, if I see that kind of comments, ‘This sucks,’ and blah blah blah, whatever rage people want to put in there.”

He then shared his own guess as to why people would rage about different versions of a song:

“I filter it out because I just know that in general there are a lot of people [who] just like to rage about things. It also feels to me that these people don’t understand it, they don’t get the point why this version exists. They don’t actually probably even understand what the f*cking lyrics are about.”

Hetfield Wasn’t An Option

Earlier this month, Apocalyptica dropped their own rendition of ‘One.’ This version includes contributions from Hetfield and another member, Robert Trujillo. But at first, Apocalyptica had other artists in mind for their cover of the song.

In another interview with Summa Inferno, the band’s lead cellist Perttu Kivilaakso discussed how they got Hetfield on board for the song. Apparently, the band didn’t even think of asking the frontman for one reason:

“James Hetfield naturally was kind of the number one choice for us when we were speaking: ‘It would be so cool if James does his own lyrics.’ But we didn’t even consider that he would ever step away from Metallica to do something else. […] But then, when our recordings were all done and we came into the finalizing the post-production of the album, all of a sudden James informed us that, basically, like, ‘Why wouldn’t you ask me to do [it]?’ It kind of felt even that he wanted to do it — he really, really wanted [to do it].”

The track will be a part of their upcoming album, ‘Apocalyptica Plays Metallica Vol. 2.’

See the interview below.