Eddie Vedder’s Wife Jill Bids Farewell To Her Father, ‘While He May Not Have Been The Best Dad, He Was Still My Dad’

Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder‘s wife Jill Vedder shared a post on her official Instagram account saying goodbye to her father, Bud McCormick. She posted a picture of herself and her sisters with her father and mentioned the complicated relationship with their late father.

Frontman of the rock band Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder has been married to former model Jill McCormick since 2010. They met shortly after Vedder’s first divorce and started dating. The couple had welcomed two children named Olivia and Harper during their marriage. Their marriage was a small and quiet celebration.

Jill Vedder started modeling in her teen years but after a while, she quit modeling and moved to activism, and became a philanthropist. She gracefully used the fame she had got from modeling to raise benefits and funds for those in need.

As many of you may know that Vedder lost her sister a year ago and posted about her several times on social media. After losing her beloved sister Denise, she lost her father too. Even though she does not talk about her early life or her relationship with her parents often, recently, she posted a picture of herself with her father, Bud McCormick, and bid farewell saying that he was not the greatest dad but he was still her dad. Jill also added that she hopes he finally finds peace.

Here is what Jill Vedder said in his post:

“While he may not have been the best dad. He was still my dad. I pray he is finally at peace. “

Check out the picture she posted on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Jill Vedder – Instagram